Cross This Tea at Your Peril

The Tea Party is called radical. What is radical about standing up for what you believe?

There is no Tea Party in the same way there is a Republican Party and Democratic Party. There is no hierarchy, no party leaders, no fundraising apparatus, not even a ballot line in most states. The Tea Party’s state of virtual reality helps the mainstream media push its agenda that the Tea Party’s major influence on outcomes in the 2010 election was merely "one and done." The Liberal media outlets would have us think the real "grassroots" movement is "Occupy Wall Street" and the 99% of us who are not independently wealthy. The Liberal media may have gone on to win that perception game. Then May 8, 2012 happened.

On that day of the Republican Primary, the Tea Party showed it was alive and kicking. In Indiana, 35- year Senator Richard Lugar got his clocked cleaned by Tea Party candidate Richard Mourdock. In Wisconsin, the special recall election of Republican Governor Scott Walker took a bad turn for his opponents. With no candidate of his own party contesting Walker's re-election, he still won more votes than all the Democrats combined who were vying for the nomination to oppose him.

The Tea Party is a party of ideals and ideas. Though people subscribing to its philosophy and actions may not take to the streets, they do take to the polls to vote. They may not get headlines – even when they deserve to get them -- but they do get the results they want. (Nobody ever got elected on a headline, anyhow. Just ask Thomas E. Dewey, prematurely declared the Presidential victor in pre-TV days by the most infamous Page 1 blunder in newspaper history – “Dewey Wins!” -- even though the slick New York Governor ultimately lost to homespun Missouri haberdasher Harry S Truman.)

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Walt June 03, 2012 at 02:16 AM
Not only are you sanctimonious, you are also redundant.
Teleman June 03, 2012 at 02:26 AM
I have to agree with Taggart- there is a black and white difference between public and private sector unions- especially when you compare the unionized workforce of a company like Verizon which makes billions in profit each quarter and whose ceo makes $25 million a year to a state or local government which is running bankrupt and taxing it's citizens right out.
Teleman June 03, 2012 at 02:31 AM
There are extremes on both sides- during the industrial revolution of our great country we saw what happened when we let the capitalists run free and unregulated- we had 7 year olds working in coal mines, the company store,and things like the Triangle shirtwaist fire where 146 garment workers lost there lives because of the greed of their companys owners. On the other side, we have socialism and Marxism where everything is regulated by the gov't and everyone shares in complete misery with food shortages and no economy. There is a middle that must come out of these extremes.
Judy Kurland June 03, 2012 at 03:23 PM
First I resent calling the union people who went to Wisconsin to support the recall as "thugs". My goodness, they were mostly retired union members who could manage to get there to support their brothers and sisters and save collective bargaining. Those Wis. teachers actually agreed to many reductions but Scott Walker is on record as indicating he wants to wreck and destroy all unions (govt.).. And don't forget I (retired NYC teacher) paid into my pension all those 25 years. And by the way you cannot carry your pension if you leave NYC and teach in Rockland. And furthermore social security and medicare is secure for many years to come so stop repeating lies and misinformation you have heard from "sources". And finally why do you begrudge diabetes medicine and (for those who have neurpathy) special shoes. When you hit 70 or 75 as a retiree, these items save lives and help elderly people. as a single person with diabetes, heart disease, and osteoarthritis I need my physicians and medicine to survive. My out-of-pocket cost for medicine and insulin are over $2000 a year. I paid into medicare and worked for 25 years in NYC at quite a low wage during the first 10 or 15 years. I liked teaching chi;ldren. What would you have me do- just let me die slowly? Do you intend to support your elderly parents or should the city, state, and/or government help? I contributed to this country in many ways teaching and encouraging inner city children.
Mike June 03, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Judy,Judy, Judy, where to start? First, if these poor union folks can scrape enough to get out to Wisconsin, how tough can it really be or them. Second, I am against any and all recall elections. I find them undemocratic. The majority of the people in the state elected Walker for 4 years. If you don't like him, vote him at at the next scheduled election. This is a bad precedent for a democracy. Recalls should be reserved for out and out corruption and illegal activities. They should not be employed because one faction disagree with political decisions. What happens next? If Walker is recalled, does the next unhappy political faction recall the new Governor? Where does that end? It ends in anarchy! SS and Medicare is safe? Have you followed anything about healthcare reform? It's the entire reason why Obamacare was initiated- Medicare and our SS system is not sustainable and by the governments own analysis is 10 or so years away from bankruptcy. Guess what Judy, most people today don't even have pension plans in the private sector. We are all in 401k plans which after lat weeks economic news have become 301k plans on their way down to who knows where. So please, stop with the poor mouth cries. Try raising a family in RC in today's time.


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