I-84 to Close for Bridge Replacements at State Line

Written and reported by Mark Langlois.

When New York replaces two Interstate 84 bridges near the Danbury, CT line on Sept. 21 and concluding Sept. 28, I-84 will be closed on each day for about 18 hours, and cars will detour along Route 6.

"We'll see a lot of traffic off 84 on our secondary roads," said Paul Estefan, emergency management director for Danbury. The bridges carry traffic east and west over Dingle Ridge Road near the New York line. "It shouldn't really effect the inside of Danbury. It's on the border."

The existing schedule calls for the highway to be closed for at least 18 hours on Sept. 21 from about 5 p.m. Saturday to about 11 a.m. Sunday as the existing highway bridge is demolished and then the new eastbound bridge is slid into place.

A week later scheduled for Sept. 28, during the same hours from late Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning, workers will demolish the existing bridge and slide the new westbound bridge into place. Drivers taking I-84 today can see the replacement bridges sitting parallel to the highway. These scheduled could change at any time due to any construction problems weather issues that may arise.

Estefan said the detours east and west bound will be marked on local roads (Route 6,) but drivers who ignore the detour routes and make their own way could crowd Danbury roads. According to the New York Department of Transportation, between 75,000 and 100,000 cars travel I-84 at this spot on an average day.


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