Me Time for Moms: Retreat to Omega

You have probably already decided if your kids are going to camp; now it's time to decide for yourself!

I never went to camp as a child and I don’t remember feeling as though I had missed out on anything. But after learning about all that the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck has to offer us grown-ups, maybe now is the time to make up for those camp-less summers.

Omega prides itself on being “the nation’s most-trusted source for wellness and personal growth.” It's also featured as one of the "strongest draws" of Rhinebeck in 1,000 Places to See in the U.S.A. and Canada Before You Die. The book's author likened Omega to "summer camp for adults."

Registration for 2011 includes more 350 offerings.  Tuition fees are required for most workshops, in addition to the purchase of an accommodations package if you opt against the commuter fee (the campus is approximately an hour's drive away from Brewster). If you're worried about costs, lodging even includes the very affordable option of camping. 

Here’s a sampling of the activities:  

Rest & rejuvenation retreats: Like kids’ “free play,” you decide how to spend the day, in open classes like yoga, exclusive experiences like chakra meditation or outdoor activities like kayaking. Starting at just $25 per day, a minimum two-day stay is required (meals and lodging require booking of the all-inclusive accommodations package).

Women’s wellness retreat weekend: An opportunity to join with other women in discussing, writing, practicing yoga and meditating. Additional themes include health, stress reduction, nutrition and the mind-body connection.

Goddess to the core: An “inspired workout to maximize your fitness, beauty and power,” including various physical activities to enable stress relief, rejuvenation and a healthy approach to living and loving.

Flying trapeze: Yes, you too can fly (and learn something about yourself in the process!)

Peace from broken pieces:  If you’ve been watching this last season of Oprah, you recently saw Iyanla Vanzant, a spiritual teacher and author.  Here you'll learn more about her healing concepts.

To learn more, visit Omega’s website or request a catalog.  Personally, I would love to take the trapeze workshop. I may not rival Pink’s trapeze Grammy performance, but I bet I can have just as much fun!


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