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It's time to grab a cup of coffee and settle in as we start the conversation with this week's questions:

Today's topic:

The summer sun is still shining brightly upon us but back-to-school fever seems even hotter than the outside temperatures.
According to the latest U.S. Census, it is estimated that nearly 80 billion students are enrolled in schools from pre-school through college.
Retail statistics show the typical family with children from kindergarten through college will spend about $600 on back-to-school shopping, from clothing to supplies and electronics. Nearly half of families begin shopping up to a full month in advance to get the best deals.
So we want to know how you deal with back to school shopping.

The questions:

  • When do you start?
  • Do you set a budget and stick with it?
  • How much authority do you allow your children in purchashing decisions?
  • Are there certain name brand items you are willing to splurge on while purchasing the generic brain of others?
  • What helpful hints do you have to share with others about to undertake this yearly task?

Now take a look at what our Moms Council has to say. Here they are:

Beth Blanck is a Brewster mom whose son is 2 and a half years old. She writes a weekly column called  for Southeast-Brewster Patch and she is the head of the council.

Noreen Mahoney is Brewster mother of two boys. Aside from being active in the community, Noreen teaches improv workshops.

Tracy Dunne-Derrell is a Brewster mother of one. She is a middle school teacher and she is currently fighting a battle familiar to many parents: trying to get her 4-year-old daughter to sleep!

Suzanne Perucci has lived in the area for 20 years. She works for The Pampered Chef and is the mother of two teenagers.

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If you would like to join the council, or if you have a suggestion for a topic, email Ashley.Tarr@patch.com.

Beth Blanck August 03, 2011 at 08:24 PM
My son will just be starting preschool in the fall so I haven't been fully inducted into school shopping frenzy just yet. Luckily, they forewarn us to dress them in play clothes, expecting them to get a little dirty, so that's not a big concern. Other than that, I just need a backpack and little things like folders, glue, etc. Growing up we wore uniforms to school and I was thankful I didn't worry too much about clothes..all we needed in addition were things like socks and shoes and notebooks. It's easy when they are young to buy clothes ahead on sale but I imagine as they get older and are more concerned with keeping up with fashion trends it gets more difficult.
Noreen Mahoney August 03, 2011 at 09:26 PM
I find school shopping gets a little harder each year unfortunately. The lists sent out from the teachers are often extremely specific, even down to colors of binders and notebooks. While I want to be sure my kids have exactly what they need, I am wondering if all the running from store to store is really necessary! As they get into tougher math and sciences, the rulers and calculators can cost $200 alone! Sometimes aftervyou do all that supply shopping, you cn get annoyed by the request for tissues and wipes on top of it all! As for clothes, I think it is such a waste to buy "back to school" clothes. It's usually too hot for them to waer the new fall stuff, and they end up in shorts and t shirts anyhow. In late September/ early October those same clothes are half price and much more likely to be worn. Maybe one or two new things for the feel of a fresh new start, but we don't go too crazy on the clothing shopping. Of course I have boys, so it's much easier for me!! Lastly, I think it is important for the kids to be a part of the supply shopping. I give them the list from the school and have them look for half while I find the other half. I like for them to see how expensive it can be, too, to prepare them for the real world. Now I shall go back to soaking in the last month of summer break because before I know it I'll be in line at Staples.


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