Exhibit Shows Beauty of Local Great Swamp

Photographer, showing work in Brewster, says the scene was inspiring.

Patterson resident Dave Henningsen has spent hours and hours exploring the Great Swamp, and local folks will have the chance to experience what he saw—and heard—during an exhibit this weekend.

The images hanging at the Studio Around the Corner on Main Street in Brewster capture a range of creatures and nature scenes in vivid colors. Henningsen, who's also known around town for his musical abilities, collected them over about two years.

He can't pick a favorite piece, because it's not about one image, but the "whole experience." 

"I kept waiting for a dinosaur to come around the corner," Henningsen said of the time he spenting kayaking through the waters. They run across parts of two counties: Dover and Pawling in Dutchess, and Patterson and Southeast in Putnam. "...Once I got into the swamp and saw what was there, I was just inspired by that."

The sounds he heard were captivating, too. Authentic audio from the swamp will be playing in the background while folks browse through the show.

Curator Erin Meagher is hoping about 100 people show for the opening Friday (April 19), which will feature live music from Henningsen's band Strawdog. She's pleased with the exhibit for helping to "bring culture" to Brewster.

All of the pieces are for sale. The show opens from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday (April 19). It will be open again from noon to 2 p.m. Saturday, and again next weekend (same times).


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