VIDEO: Cartooning Exhibit to Hit Studio

Beginning Friday, about 40 pieces of art will be on display in the Village of Brewster.

Organizers are hoping a couple hundred people will come out and show their support for a group of young artists this weekend and next.

Artist Joe Lambert, a Brewster resident, will have his work on display at the , along with pieces by local kids. Lambert recently wrapped up a 10-week cartooning workshop with 20 youngsters, whose ages range from 3 to 13.

The art sessions were "social," with singing, playing and tons of drawing, Lambert said. Folks who attend , which begins at 7 p.m. on Friday and noon on Saturday, will have the opportunity to see for themselves. Organizers plan to play a video with clips and photos of the students working from start to finish.

Lambert, a teacher in the Mahopac Central School District, said he was surprised that some of the kids were able to draw for an hour and a half straight at such young ages. They worked on their own and listed to Lambert's lessons, which started with the basics of drawing, and eventually focused on adding color.

"I love bold, brilliant colors, colors sometimes that contrast and just pop out," he said, describing how he first came up with the idea to host the workshop. "Cartoons are very colorful. And I like drawing silly faces ... and I've noticed that kids do it all the time. Kids are constantly drawing cartoons."

Lambert said that the workshops served as a way for some of the kids to nurture their talent. For others, it was a way to get to know their creative sides. He always encourages people, no matter what age, to indulge in art, and even allows his students to spend some time drawing on a 3-by-3 inch sheets of paper from time to time. Erasers aren't allowed during the creative classroom sessions.

"If you can't risk yourself on a 3-by-3 inch piece of paper, then we've got to work even deeper," Lambert said. "Everyone can surely take a piece of paper that size and draw for 20 minutes and be happy with their accomplishments."

For more on cartooning and the students' work, see the video above.


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