Brewster Needs to Move Its Hiring Center

The Village of Brewster HAS a hiring center. It is called "Main Street." Everyone would be better served, if we established a convenient permanent center off Main Street.

I applaud the new initiative to re-invigorate Brewster Village.  Some good ideas out there.

Let’s not forget that all progress will be for naught if we don’t address the day laborer issue. Remember, Brewster HAS a day laborer center: it is called “Main Street."

In the near future the immigration policy will change or it will not. If it doesn’t, nothing will change in the Village, and if it does, the change most likely to take place is that Brewster will no longer have illegal/undocumented day laborers.  Brewster will have legal day laborers.

Don’t be fooled by those who say that a day laborer center will attract more and more day laborers. The number has more to do with the job market than anything else. Brewster’s current attraction is its rail station, low cost housing, and proximity to Connecticut and Westchester.

So, we can choose to make things better, or hide our heads in the sand.

I understand why some reject solutions. And some of the points are well taken.  But, even so, they are unhelpful.

Having a day laborer center off Main Street will change the Village. Most agree that the Village needs change.

John Riley

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Denise L December 13, 2012 at 04:40 PM
How about putting it at greg balls house since his changes never came through as promised...or just shove um all up at garden st.school building...
Bob Dumont December 14, 2012 at 02:45 AM
thanks for your comments John, but I think you may misunderstand the problem. The Village doesn't have a immigration problem. It has a landlord problem. You see, most people who own property take care of it. Or, if you had 20 people standing in front of your property you would come out and tell them to move along. But lets take 2 individuals. The first, my neighbor, Ledley. When i approached him about asking people not to congregate in front of his building, he said - "not my problem - nothing I can do. " An interesting response when you own a piece of property and can ask people not to hang out in front of your house. Actually, a very easy and LEGAL thing to do. He won't do it. Or the owner of the Cameo and maybe a few other buildings. Would you, as an owner of a property watch these properties deteriorate? probably not. As an active owner in the interest of your property you would improve it so say - you can rent it. No so. It is a Village government and perception problem - as he recently told a crowd at a meeting about Village improvement. Quite simply, if landlords took care of their property - it would really be an easy thing to do. So if you want to change something - there are about 4 - yes FOUR landlords in the Village that if they sold or maintained their properties would change the Village overnight.
Ann Fanizzi December 14, 2012 at 06:57 AM
Shame them and name them, Bob. BTW, read about the $25,000 spent on Patterns in Progress to develop a plan. Well, there was another $25,000 in grant money received by the Coalition for a Better Brewster more than a decade ago to also develop a plan by the well-known and respected company, Saccardi and Schiff. And then there were the Columbia University interns study. How many visulaizations and studies do we need?
Erin E. Meagher December 15, 2012 at 05:20 AM
The day laborers are not "the problem" on Main Street. I'm on Main Street almost every single day at varying hours. There are no more people lining the streets in the morning looking for work, it's quiet. Almost too quiet. The problem is the disconnect among the different groups that should be coming together to help Brewster; the residential single family house people (aka mostly The Hill), businesses (hispanic & english speaking), government, renters, and the building owners/landlords. The disconnect is evident, I don't know if it takes people to go around and tell everyone the good things about Brewster, but they have to be bilingual and bridge the gaps between ALL the groups. We're not going to get progress from someone griping about "what used to be." Think forward, not backward. I've frequented almost every single business on Main Street. I'm not sure why more people don't. I've eaten probably some of the best food in Putnam at Jack & Jills/The Pool Hall, I've bought cool vintage things for my home from Eagle Eye, I've eaten excellent steak nachos at Guadlupana, I've bought a gift for an out of town friend at Casa Rustica, had my hair done at Arielle, participated in countless activities at the The Studio Around the Corner and gone to Dr. Zaslow. Get out of your car and walk Main Street! The only thing missing from the Village is you! It's all perception. The Village is not unfriendly or unsafe. It's walkable, convenient, and on the cusp of some real change.


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