Patch Comments: 'You Make Me Proud'

A small-plane crash, Patch's ANNIE contest, and a neglected dog are just some of the topics that got Hudson Valley Patch users talking on our comments board last week.

CONTEST: Best Locket Inscriptions Win Tickets to See ANNIE on Broadway

"I would give the locket to my husband with an inscription that would read 'til the wheels fall off'. Thru good times and bad we have faced it all together!" -- Honeybadger

... and ...

"A locket for my daughter with the inscription 'To the Moon & Back' because that's how much I love her!" -- Pam

911 Tape: Quick-Thinking Police Dispatcher Helped Plane Crash Lifesaving Effort

"Dispatchers do this kind of work, all day, every day. However, we are rarely ever acknowledged. We are truly THE 1st responders. Great job Melissa. You make me proud of my profession!" -- J. Hagar

Details of Hudson River Plane Crash Emerge

"Thanks to the 4 OFF DUTY Police Officers! This shows that our Police are ALWAYS around, and are willing to protect. What an asset and value to the commumity. (such as Jersey Residents simply flying overhead!) Good thing they had the necessary tools available to them." -- Da Face!

Dog Found in 'Severe State of Neglect;' Owner Arrested

"The laws in NY State have to change and punishment for animal cruelty and neglect need to be treated as a serious crime in every state, country and around the world!" -- Toshya Noonan

Westchester Business Council Salutes New Democratic Conference Leader

"She's got no business experience. It's evidenced by her statements about 'finding resources' and 'working with municipalities' She mentioned nothing about the main reason that we are in the situation we are in; TAXES. We have the highest taxes of all 3500 counties in America and that and the onerous regulations is what is driving business (therefore jobs) away from this County." -- joe

ARC Honors Residence Managers

"Those managers work extremely hard, one on one with the clients,and also cooking, driving, and making sure each shift is covered. If there is no one to cover that shift, then they do it. They do not have an easy job, but it is a very rewarding job! They deserve all the credit they get!!!!!!!!! Thanks managers. I will never meet such a great bunch of people anywhere!!!" -- Frances Stanton

Water Forum: Conservation First Before Desal Plant (VIDEO)

"Once united water gets their hands on an endless supply of water (the Hudson). Conservation will be a thing of the past. They are in the business to supply water the more the better for them." -- Ken McQuade

... and ...

"how about a fee for those who want to waste water ..watering their lawns? say $1000 for any underground sprinkler..and double or triple the rate when used..people grass will adapt ...we dont need to fertilize lawns...maybe more home owners will get creative and plant a variety of say tress..small shrubs..lots of rocks and makeit more creative...drinking water is far more important..that wasteful lush lawns" -- .


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