Unusual Suspects: Drunken Parent Reported at School Dance; Man, Woman Found in Closet of Abandoned Home

Recent weird and unusual crime in the Hudson Valley. Reports do not indicate a conviction.

Police and the bomb squad responded to a report of a note containing the word "bomb" on a Fox Lane Middle School bathroom wall. All students were immediately evacuated and their parents notified. Officials found the school to be clear of bombs and students returned. 

Police: Man Beat Co-Workers with Shovel and Chair

A Spring Valley man was arrested in New Jersey after being accused of beating two of his coworkers with a metal chair, a shovel, and a box cutter. An altercation apparently occurred during a break and the verbal argument escalated into a physical altercation. A supervisor attempted to stop the fight, but the accused hit him with a shovel. 

Port Chester village police spotted footsteps in the snow leading to an abandoned home. When police investigated, they discovered the front door lock had been broken. Officers found a man and woman in a third-floor closet. 

Pleasantville Police Blotter: Lost Pit Bulls; Fence Smashes Car Windshield

A Pleasantville woman reported that she was experiencing car difficulties. The woman reportedly told police that it appeared several cups of sugar had been put into her gas tank and that she would share more information with police at a later date. 

Large Dog Chases Woman; Police Help Injured Dog; Rabid Raccoon Calls

A woman was reportedly chased by a large dog in Rye. The dog owner's housekeeper put a new battery in the electric fence collar and police said the situation was resolved. 

Drunken Parent Reported at School Dance

An elementary school dance in Hastings-on-Hudson took a turn when police received a call regarding a parent who might be drunk. The principal of the school requested that the police come to the dance and discreetly talk with the father, whom other parents feared would drive home drunk with his children. 


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