After Dog's Death, SPCA Charges Carmel Woman with Animal Cruelty

Officials arrested a 26-year-old Carmel woman after Suzy, her emaciated 15-year-old mix breed, died. (Photo provided)
Officials arrested a 26-year-old Carmel woman after Suzy, her emaciated 15-year-old mix breed, died. (Photo provided)
A 26-year-old Carmel woman is facing a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty after Suzy, her 15-year-old mix-breed dog, died. The animal was severely emaciated, according to officials.

Members of the Putnam County SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Department arrested the woman Thursday, after two weeks of investigation. She's accused of failing to provide sustenance and neglecting the animal.

"A Northern Westchester emergency veterinary hospital had contacted the Putnam County SPCA approximately two weeks ago regarding the alleged severely neglected dog, which ultimately expired in their emergency room," authorities said, adding that the owner brought Suzy in because she thought the animal had died. "The dog was found suffering from severe emaciation, infected pressure sores on its sternum and scabbed-over ulcers on its face and hind legs."

SPCA Chief Ken Ross called the incident "one of the worst cases of an emaciated animal" he has ever seen.

The defendant—who portrays herself as an avid animal lover, according to this Hudson Valley Reporter story—was processed at the Town of Carmel Police Department. Her arraignment is scheduled for Jan. 6 in Carmel Justice Court. 
carol December 14, 2013 at 09:40 AM
How could someone do this horrible thing to their own pet? This should be a felony not a misdemeanor. This sick individual should be left in a room to starve to death.
Patricia A McElroy December 14, 2013 at 04:29 PM
This savage 26 year old needs to be put in solitary confinement and Starved for 3 weeks, not even long enough to know what pain she put this helpless dog through. Rot in hell you sicko
Margaret Fox December 15, 2013 at 06:32 AM
How can someone leave their beloved pet in a shed 23 hours a day and come to drop off food and that be okay? Animal control and ASPCA have no real power as long as animals are considered property . I have seen another beautiful shed ridden pup that I write of, have called police, dog warden, animal abuse people and even spoke to owner but this dog goes on 23 hour stretches without a family to appreciate her. I blame the owners, as its there responsibility since the law has dictated stupid rules ( all that needs to be provided is shelter, food and water) . If no one is checking on these animals who knows or cares and if you do see this blatant abuse there sometimes is very little to be done before its too late. This poor pup in patch article died of starvation, did ant neighbors say anything? See anything? Report anything? In the end YES WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE. And it shouldn't take a tragedy to bring attention to it. If you see something or know something and you know it's wrong..pick up your phone and call. Call the police, call animal control.
Lisa LaGuardia-Tremblay December 15, 2013 at 08:56 PM
I agree that if animal abuse was a felony there may be far less cases. We need to petition our congressman to enact stiffer penalties! In the mean time we need to ACT when we know there is abuse. And Margaret if there is a dog currently in the same situation, let me know because I will act.


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