Ex-BCSD Program Employee Faces Probation, Restitution

Southeast Town Judge Richard W. Vercollone, acting on behalf of the Brewster Justice Court, recently sentenced Brandi Wickliffe, 36.

Less than a year after police charged her with grand larceny, an ex-employee of a Brewster Schools program is looking at three years probation and restitution payments.

Southeast Town Judge Richard W. Vercollone, acting on behalf of the Brewster Justice Court, sentenced an emotional Brandi Wickliffe last week. The 36-year-old Wappingers Falls resident, who was wearing a white sweater and dark blue jeans, was shaking as she stood before Vercollone and signed official court documents. Her Mahopac-based attorney, Joseph J. Tock, was also present.

"I want to wish you good luck," Vercollone said. "You made a mistake. Don't let this define you."

In early March the Putnam County Sheriff's Office, route: {:controller=>"listings", :action=>"show", :id=>"putnam-county-sheriffs-department"} --> announced the arrest of Wickliffe and her parents: Eric and Debra Thompson, both 62 and of Newburgh. The three worked for the before and after-school child care program at 

Peter Benfield September 17, 2012 at 12:54 PM
Misdemeanor petit larceny for stealing over $115,000? Probation and restitution? I don't see the penalty for a very serious crime against our community. She should have gotten some time and a large fine. And we'll be lucky to get the other $65,000 back.
Chris Barbara January 17, 2014 at 05:21 AM
Pete..your post was a long time ago..doubt you will see this. But I wonder what actually gets done at that small District Office where almost $1Mil of our tax payer dollars pay 4 salaries. There sure aren't doing their background checks and audits. 1 Million dollars for what. I would like to see their job descriptions. Anyone else as sad as I am to see Jane Sanbag gone?
Peter Benfield January 17, 2014 at 07:42 AM
Yes, that's a ton of money. Unfortunately, I can't expect anything different from a new chief.
Chris Barbara January 18, 2014 at 05:17 AM
I wouldn't count on anything great either. I tell you, I got involved too late in the game. It was my own fault...to much time working. I did a lot with the kids, coached, went to the majority of their track events, etc...but it wasn't until I got involved in renovating the track until I realized how bad things were. And the more I research, the worse it gets. In SO many areas. There is SO little oversight in so many areas. You would think one would only have to worry about doing their OWN job well. Doesn't work that way. As far as the day care is concerned..I wonder whose children attended the center when the "Shady Bunch" family ran the place. I also wonder what happened to that money. was it recovered? Obviously Brewster did not do a background check. Wonder what Brandi is doing now. A


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