Officials to Close 1 Lane of I-84 in Southeast Tuesday

One of the westbound lanes of Interstate 84 in Southeast will be closed for several hours Tuesday (Jan. 14) while crews finish the cleanup that followed last Wednesday night's (Jan. 8) accident involving a tractor-trailer. 

The roadway will be closed west of Exit 19, State Route 312, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Officials expect the operation to wrap up in the afternoon, as long as the weather is fine and there are are no "unusual circumstances."

The accident occurred when an 18-wheeler crashed through a guide rail, traveled down an embankment and rolled over, according to police.

"Soon afterward, local firefighters rescued the operator who was trapped in her vehicle and sustained minor injuries," officials said Monday. "The vehicle was removed on the following morning. The trailer's cargo, which consisted of numerous pallets of bottled water, was not accessible without special heavy equipment."
lillian philbin January 14, 2014 at 08:03 PM
The potholes in Southeast and Village of Brewster, especially Sodom Road and Route 6 heading towards 22 and Carmel by the car dealerships are unacceptable I am wrecking my car on a daily basis. What is going on and don't tell me about the weather, freeze and warm causing this. Hot patches are not the answer. Build a proper road! I've had it with this lack of prevention on every level of government because we can't afford it. Dipping into the public funds by every branch of government is what caused our budget deficits and now of course we, the middle class, are going to be taxed even more.


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