Putnam SPCA Continues Search for Person Who Shot Cat

No arrests have been made, officials said recently.

The Putnam County SPCA has received calls and e-mails concerning the cat who died last week after a gunshot wound and subsequent paralysis, and officials are hoping the response continues.

The incident occurred Feb. 7 in Putnam Lake. The 7-month-old cat died a few days later, at which time members of the SPCA asked for the public's help in finding the shooter.

Here is an update that comes from the agency's Facebook page:

We thank everyone for their calls and e-mails in regards to the cat shot in Putnam Lake. Over the past week, we have spoken with numerous residents in the vicinity of where the cat was shot. At this time we do not have any new information or arrests to report. We continue to ask the public for assistance with any information of who might have done this cruel act. Calls are confidential. 

Putnam County SPCA 24 Hour Animal Cruelty Hotline:

Polaroidgirl39 February 19, 2013 at 10:37 PM
Starting out the new year with an act of animal cruelty is not something our area should be proud of...quite the contrary. I applaud the SPCA and the people who have called in their efforts to find the person guilty of this senseless crime. The vast majority of inmates in prisons in the United States, especially those on death row, started out torturing animals. This is a well documented fact. Hopefully, the pathetic individual who killed this lovely animal will be found, arrested, and pay the consequences for this deplorable act of cruelty.


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