Unusual Suspects: Crack Rock Swallowed; Dinnertime Standoff; Catalytic Converters Stolen

Recent weird and unusual crime in the Hudson Valley.

Hastings police were dispatched to a Warren Street residence to investigate calls made to 911. Upon arrival they learned that children called the police on their mother because they did not want to eat dinner. 

Peekskill police asked Kevin Francis to spit out a rock of crack cocaine, but he swallowed it instead and was then taken into custody. Francis also had an additional small quantity of crack cocaine on his person and was operating a vehicle without a court-ordered ignition interlock device due to a DWI conviction.

A Yonkers woman was arrested in White Plains after allegedly refusing to pay for a pretzel dog and pretzel bites at . She initially offered her debit card, but when it was declined, the woman reportedly said she didn't have cash, started eating the pretzels and walked away. 

Peekskill resident Michael Dolan turned himself in to police for assaulting an individual with a chair. 

Clarkstown police reported that thieves have stolen catalytic converters from at least three vehicles in Congers. One vehicle was a Clarkstown town-owned truck. Police said thieves are using power tools to obtain the car scraps which are made of valuable metals, inluding platinum, rhodium and palladium.

A stray pit bull had a six-day romp through Tarrytown that ended last week. The dog was spotted everywhere from Lyndhurst to the Hackley School area to the GM lot and several locations in between. The pit bull was finally caught at Castle Oil.  


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