Katz Mulls State Senate Primary Bid vs. Ball

Assemblyman Steve Katz will announce his plans officially next week on Monday.

Assemblyman Steve Katz (R, C- Yorktown) is considering a primary challenge against fellow Republican state Sen. Greg Ball (R,C- Patterson) for the 40th state Senate seat.

"I'm strongly considering it," Katz said on Tuesday. "I'll make an announcement on it next week [on Monday]."

He refused to discuss any further details until his announcement, but said it was because of what he had seen over the last year.

Katz, a veterinarian who lives in Mohegan Lake with his family, made his first run for political office two years ago as a Tea Party candidate. He , which was vacated by Greg Ball, who ran for state Senate. The two lawmakers have been frequently campaigning and holding press conferences together, with Katz reportedly contributing to Ball's campaign. 

The two men have been close political allies until a recent fall out. 

Nicole Katz, the assemblyman's wife, publicly criticized Ball after he "defriended" her and blocked her from his official Facebook page. That was after she had posted a comment disagreeing with Ball's post, in which he criticized Congressional Republicans.

In protest, Nicole Katz posted a YouTube video "The Salad Bully," which she had made along with friends Robin and Gary Murphy of Chappaqua. In the video, Nicole Katz can be seen at her Yorktown home's dinner table where . 

Regarding Katz' consideration to wage a primary, Greg Ball's office issued a statement, which was attributed to his Chief of Staff Jim Coleman.

"It’s unfortunate that a fellow Republican, who hasn't even finished his first term and whose absent from the Assembly 15 [percent] of the time, would work to help the New York City Democrats gain control of this seat by pushing an unnecessary primary," Coleman wrote. "He has done little in Albany, earning the nickname of Dr. Do-Little, and has a track record of flip flops, broken promises and liberal stances."

Coleman continued and wrote that Sen. Ball is "focused on job creation, tax relief and delivering for the district, and he will maintain that focus for the rest of his term, primary or no primary."

"Regardless of what [Greg Ball] might say, I've represented my district with honesty, dignity, integrity and effectiveness," Katz said.

Democrat Justin Wagner, an attorney from Croton-on-Hudson, . Two men are also vying for the assembly seat, currently occupied by Steve Katz – Dario Gristina of Putnam Valley and Wolf Lawton of Mahopac.

The 40th State Senate District covers portions of northern Westchester, Putnam and parts of Dutchess counties. , the 40 district would markedly expand its Westchester presence.

Joe Doakes February 14, 2012 at 05:49 PM
Katz v. Ball . . . When I consider the precarious nature of this nation and the depression we all face. Then I sit and watch politicians act like petty animals it enrages me. I read a few days ago that vital leukemia drugs that treat children are not in sufficient supply to meet the demand. I read that a driver who had their license suspended seven times, at the ripe old age of 23, was still operating a motor vehicle, I read that someone is going to be incarcerated for harming a cat for 90 days, yet, we let recidivist pedophiles walk the streets. Amidst all of this, New York State is in vital need of growth,production and investment. It is in vital need of action, not words. All I hear and see is words. Well words are nice, but I’d rather see people, working, traveling, driving more, buying cars and homes. I’d rather see families growing and pursuing their American dream. All the while helping me build mine.
Joe Doakes February 14, 2012 at 05:50 PM
If this is the America you want, the one I described above, we must keep our eye firmly fixed on that objective. Not fall into the quagmire of pettiness. For that is a nightmare not just for the voter, but for the kid with leukemia and the driving public as well as the children that face that walk home from school. Alone. Is Mr. Ball perfect? No. Would I rather every politician was like George Washington? Absolutely. But that is never going to happen in this modern age. Our only hope is to get the good in all of these people to work to our benefit, to our children's benefit, if we can’t do that then what’s the point in sticking around this Taco stand?


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