Developers, Officials Tour Garden Street

Planning firm's research is ongoing.

The doors to Garden Street School formally closed in June, but the building has seen activity since then.

At the last Brewster Board of Trustees meeting, Clerk Peter Hansen spoke about a recent building walk-through that involved private developers, as well as representatives from the school district and the Village.

Over the summer, Brewster Schools and the Village of Brewster entered into an agreement with Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress, a Newburgh-based "nonprofit research, policy and planning group that promotes regional and balanced solutions to enhance the growth and vitality" of the region, according to its Facebook page

Hansen told Patch the organization is tasked with identifying the "highest and best reuse" for the building. Gathering input from developers is one aspect of the process.

Two development firms had toured the school by mid-September. The first, Hansen said, did not share much feedback, but the second "liked what they saw" and requested copies of the structural drawings for the 1920s-building.

Progress for Pattern is set to continue researching. The firm will take developer suggestions into account in a final recommendation report on Garden Street to Village and school officials.

Neighborhood blight, transit-oriented development and community development are also part of the Village package with Pattern.

Click here to read resident opinion on what should happen to the school.

mamagus October 03, 2012 at 08:49 PM
What about a community center for our kids? We need some evening activities that are free or low cost, keep them out of the Danbury mall!
Ashley Tarr October 04, 2012 at 01:42 AM
Thank you both for the comments! Luanne, I haven't heard any definites about either of those options. I think the school and the Village both signed with Progress for Pattern so they could obtain some research by a third-party organization before deciding what to do with the building. The district owns it, and the Village oversees the zoning of the property, so they both have a stake in what happens. Mamagus, that's a great idea. Did you check out the link at the end of the article? Other local folks shared ideas there.
Art Hanley October 04, 2012 at 02:29 AM
mamagus, nothing is free. Taxpayers will have to cover the cost.
Erin E. Meagher October 04, 2012 at 02:40 AM
Remember that it's zoned R20. R20 is residential use. Garden Street School, is a preexisting, non conforming use of the parcel as “education.”
Frank Marshal November 15, 2012 at 08:22 PM
It's perfect for cool lux. condos. Please a community center, there needs to be a community.


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