Brewster Schools Receive $60,000 Tech Grant

District welcomes funds for one of its 'very expensive' budgeting areas.

A technology grant from the state to Brewster Central Schools will help cover the cost of new hardware and interactive whiteboards, as well as computer purchases, according to officials.

High school Principal Dr. Joseph Castagnola applied for the funds on behalf of the district after speaking with State Sen. Greg Ball.

“This grant will allow us to purchase a total of 180 Google Chromebooks for the high school and other schools in the district,” Castagnola said in a statement released by Ball's office.

In addition to the Chromebooks, which are personal computer-notebooks, the money will also go to new SMART Boards. Several of these interactive whiteboards need to be replaced, as they are 6 or 7 years old, administrators said.

"These last few years have been hard, especially for technology budgeting. Technology as you know is very expensive," Steven Moskowitz, assistant superintendent for human resources and technology, said. "This money will really go to very good use."

Ball was there to present an oversized check at a Brewster Board of Education meeting earlier this week. He said the money should already be in the district's bank account, and he complimented school officials on the "great products" they're sending out of the district.

“I would like to thank Senator Ball for his work in securing this grant for our school," Castagnola said.

Superintendent Dr. Jane Sandbank said the funds "makes a huge difference," and ensures Brewster students are "exposed to the best and benefit from the best that is out there."

Jenny Hinsman October 13, 2012 at 12:16 AM
Thank you Senator Ball for "Gettin' it Done!"
Jeremy Keeshin October 13, 2012 at 12:32 AM
Congrats to Brewster Central School district in this push forward with education technology. Getting Chromebooks is moving in the right direction, but is only the first step. The next step is getting the right tools to make new opportunities available to your students. If you are interested in bringing a high quality, modern, student-centric, and fun computer science curriculum to your schools, check out CodeHS. CodeHS is the easiest way for your high school to get a computer science program. We helped to teach CS at Stanford for three years, and have built CodeHS based the insight that students need help from real people, even though it is an online course. If this sounds interesting, contact us! www.codehs.com


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