Brewster Teens Watch 'One Direction' Show from Press Pit, Blog on HuffPo

One of the posts includes photos from the event.

For teenage girls, boy band concerts, and the shrieking and singing that goes along with them, are often a rite of passage.

But when Brewster High School students Jenna Garecht and Rachel Yee, both freshmen, look back on the experience in years to come, they may be able to recall it a bit more vividly than others. 

That's because the girls, who happen to be cousins, blogged about what it was like to watch One Direction perform at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City for NBC's Today Show earlier this month. 

Their pieces appear on the Blog page for Huff Post Teen. Garecht's, called "Ten Reasons I Love One Direction," is online here, and Yee's, called "Better Than Front Row Seats!", is posted here.

"They sound just as good in concert as they do on the album," Garecht wrote in her blog. "This proves that the boys have true talent. It also shows that they have a true dedication to music, because they are always trying to find ways to improve their songs and voices."

Other items Garecht touched on included the boys' fashion sense and their online presence. Yee took a different angle and delivered a play-by-play. 

"It was crazy," Yee said, referring to the press pit where she and Garecht stood during the show. "Everyone wanted to get the best picture or the best view, some of the photographers had little stools that they brought so they were able to get up higher and get a better shot. As for the journalists, they were more calm than the photographers, but they did seem a little hectic with getting pictures and posting them on Twitter, etc."

Yee told Patch she had always thought of writing as a hobby, but is now considering journalism as a career field.


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