Westchester Student Strives to Be Scientist

Here's a deserving student who wants to become a scientist and doesn't let obstacles get in his way.

By Patch editor Michael Woyton:

Ryan has ambition and doesn't let the fact that he's living in a homeless shelter deter him.

The middle school student wants to be a scientist and he wants to go either to Iona Preparatory School or Mt. St. Michael Academy, both of which he's been accepted to attend in 2018.

Ryan's mother, Diana of New Rochelle, couldn't be more proud of her son.

"I'm very proud of him, he did the work to get himself there, he's a straight-A student all of middle school so for that we are both proud," she said. "I told him no matter how this plays out, he should be proud of himself, and to know it won't be for lack of trying, as we are doing with the fundraiser. And for Ryan wanting to become a scientist, he always wanted to explore the world & space since he was a baby, and of course I'm happy that as an African-American he will be among the few and far between, hopefully he will encourage others to follow in his foot steps, as you can see what hard work can accomplish, and the fact that we are homeless has no bearing on his pursuit of his goals."

Here is Ryan's GoFundMe page for more information.


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