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'Sometimes Your Hand Won't Be Held ...'

West Nile virus, the future of Playland, and box stores are just some of the topics that got Patch users talking on our comments board last week.

Future Nanuet School Budget: "Going to be Survival"

"Situation looks pretty dire. Looks like we really need other sourcing of money and materials. I would hope that the board reads the Patch and comes to their senses about a Director of Development. That person would not recoup all of the money and materials needed to make the school budget gap disappear, but every bit helps!" -- Scott Walters 

Rockland has its First West Nile Virus Case

"West Nile virus is a potentially serious illness. Many mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn. Protect yourself and your family by using insect-repellant, wearing long-sleeves and pants at these times or consider staying indoors during these hours.(CDC,2012) http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/westnile/qa/insect_repellent.htm?s_cid=fb1794" -- Jackie Cassagnol

Sustainable Playland Group Selected to Revamp Playland

"Usually I am on board with Astorino but this is a disgrace. This plan calls for the removal of most of the rides of Playland and turning into something that it is not suppose to be. I support privatization but there were so many better ideas than this one, such as Central Amusements. What's really going on here is that they want their great lawn and sculpture gardens and want to make Playland have less attendance and less traffic in their pristine Rye. Absolutely DISGRACE. My Astorino, you have lost my vote in the future. I like a lot of what you have done for this county because like myself, you are a conservative. But I cannot support someone who supports fundamentally changing a venerable Westchester institution. I understand the need to stem the red ink, but this was the wrong way to do it." -- ArTDecoPlayLand

 ... and ...

"Absolutely the best. Lots of applauds for a job well done. Upgrading the historic areas and adding more year round use makes sense." --  a lee

Rivertowns Square Defends FEIS

"This development will suck the life out of the nascent recovery underway on Cedar and Main Streets. I've seen no estimation of revenue anticipated for the Village of Dobbs Ferry that would pay for the additional staffing that will be required for the Police Department, among other village agencies. The proposed development will forever change the character of this area, and not in a good way. If you like brick, glass and asphalt, flooding and traffic, this project is for you." -- Mark

POLL: Another Big-Box Store?

"I don't know where you're getting your information from, but I know plenty of people who work or have worked in retail, including myself. Not one of them has or had a full-time job outside of management. Not one of them has or had a salaried job outside of management. Not one of them makes or made more than $13 an hour outside of management. Not one of them was or is able to choose their own hours. They were or are assigned hours by management. Not one of them was able to advance to management. Management jobs in retail can pay decent wages and have good benefits packages, but the majority of jobs in retail are sales assistant or stock room jobs, which are largely part-time with no benefits. White-collar positions have higher salaries and better benefits packages across the board. But nice try anyway." -- Southeaster

Bedford at Pine Close: 'Like Playing Chicken'

"I am not sure why everybody is so concerned about crossing the streets these days, has everyone forgotten to look both ways before crossing, and no, the whole world does not stop just because you need to get across the street. Be patient and alert when crossing the street and you will probably be ok. Sometimes your hand won't be held and you have to do things on your own." -- Patricia

[Poll] Costco 'Cautiously Optimistic' to Open in 2013

"People have to be aware that the True Cost of Costco to our community is irreparable damage to the environment, flora, fauna of the area, our health and health of our kids, viability of our small businesses, historical preservation of our peaceful town and mere convenience of getting home on time with all the traffic that's coming to Route 202." -- Gia


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