Carmel Cops: Car Thefts Involve Smashed Windows, Stolen Laptops, Purses,

They are asking anyone who witnesses suspicious activity to call 845-628-1300.

After receiving several reports of car thefts recently, officials are advising folks in the Carmel and Mahopac area to secure vehicles and keep valuables out of sight.

"A large number" of complaints have come through the Carmel Police Department in the last few weeks, Chief Mike Johnson said Friday. The incidents have occurred at night, in both lock and unlocked vehicles.

"Thieves are targeting residential neighborhoods in the Mahopac area and are stealing purses and electronic equipment, such as I-Pads, GPS units and laptop computers," authorities say. "...If they observe valuables in the interior of locked vehicles, they are smashing the windows of these vehicles to gain entry."

Officers have increased patrols in residential areas, Johnson said. Police ask residents to report any suspicious activity—such as "the sound of glass breaking"—immediately, at 845-628-1300. They advise folks to lock car doors and keep possessions out of sight, or in the trunk. 

Late last month, New York State Police were investigating a spree of car vandalism in Southeast. Click here for details.


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