Brewster Officials to Meet, Discuss Vision for Village [POLL]

Tentative goals include replacing underperforming properties, making the community more walkable and maintaining infrastructure.

The state of Main Street and the surrounding space in the Village of Brewster—and what that area could look like in years to come—will be the topic of discussion at a meeting tonight.

Brewster's Board of Trustees is slated to gather for a work session at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Members will be discussing the vision for the Village, which serves as the introduction to this draft document. The meeting is open to the public, but no public comment is scheduled.

The narrative describes the region's resources, from educational institutions to the availability of transportation to the area's pool of laborers and professionals.

It also details specifics about Brewster, mentioning its , its proximity to trails and reservoirs, and its plans for new sidewalks, as well as upcoming real estate vacancies—such as the .

"This [the document] could be used for grant applications and to attract economic development to our area," Village Clerk Peter Hansen wrote in an email. "It may also be used as an outline for the next Comprehensive Plan and any associated zoning revisions — or none of the above. This is a very early draft discussion/work-in-progress and may or may not evolve as a definitive outline document at some point in the future."

The document also lists the following "goals":

  • Developing a new Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code to broaden the tax base and maximize water & sewer utilization while lowering the property owner cost of services. 
  • Replacing or renewing aging and sub-standard structures with multi-unit dwellings convenient to the commuter rail. 
  • Replacing underperforming properties.
  • Attracting investment through establishment of businesses and relocation 
  • Constructing a public-private Parking and mixed use facility adjacent to Main Street & the train station.
  • Improving the streetscape and promoting the walkable community.
  • Maintaining critical road, bridge, and street infrastructure.
  • Showcasing phosphorus reduction and excellent stewardship of NYC’s water supply.

If you are a Brewster resident, please take our poll, and feel free to add any additional information to the comments section below. Thanks for reading!


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