Highway Department News: Foggintown Road, Branch Collection and More

Read on for information about Minor Road, too.

Patch spoke with Town of Southeast Highway Department Superintendent Kevin Palmer Wednesday afternoon. Here are a few updates on projects happening around the area:

Branch Pickup

Workers are still making the rounds to pick up tree branches (which should be no more than six-inches-thick and 10-feet-long) following the . Palmer said the storm left an enormous amount of debris in its wake. 

"Honestly, I can't even get my head around it," Palmer said, adding that longtime Southeast residents he's spoken to have never seen a storm like the one that hit last month. "We'll probably be out there until at least May."

Town officials are urging residents to follow these guidelines when it comes to tree branch collection.

Foggintown Road

New signage marking dangerous curves on Foggintown are on the way, as soon as workers find the time.

"Every day is a new disaster, I'm not kidding," Palmer said, adding that the department has faced several major snow storms, a flood and a hurricance in the last year.

Minor Road

This street is open for the time being, thanks to a temporary patch that fixes the . The structure suffered damage during Hurricane Irene in August, and the department is hoping that FEMA will cover the cost of a permanent repair. Once permits from several different agencies are obtained, the actual process should take about a week.


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